Cryptocurrency Prospecting and Development

BitEverest locates, designs, builds and manages cryptocurrency mining facilities through strategic partnerships with the operators of existing facilities with adequate power, cooling and other resources.

Strategy is key.......

Most challenges have a number of solutions. Cryptocurrency mining is no different. There are numerous ways to participate in the booming cryptocurrency ecosystem. At BitEverest, we believe that a diversified and well balanced approach offers the highest potential for long term success.

There is no single, best, or right way to mine cryptocurrency. Each has its own advantages, and careful consideration and planning must be undertaken to ensure success. Our approach is as simple as it is elegant: Make strategic use of excess resources which are already available. By building strong relationships with our partners, we are able to operate rapidly and efficiently.

...and process is critical.

Operating a large scale cryptocurrency platform requires a very unique set of skills. At BitEverest, we have developed a team of industry experts in the fields of cryptocurrency, information technology, and high capacity data processing enviroments.

Our internally developed evaluation criteria, processes, procedures and systems are designed to ensure that the platform is deployed, operated and maintained efficiently and profitably.


We employ a sophisticated model to evaluate the feasibility of each potential site, ensuring that it will be capable of supporting a reliable and profitable mining operation.


There is more to a minesite than power and miners. A reliable mining operation requires an efficient and proven design and a professional implementation process. Our dedicated team of mining experts oversees the entire process.


Each and every aspect of our mining platform is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by both automated systems and dedicated engineers. We proactively monitor for and respond to indications of trouble before they become problems.

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